Birthday gift ideas for wife and girlfriend – Under $100

In this post we’ll cover the best birthday gift ideas for wife and girlfriend. A well thought gift will make wonders for your relationship!


Birthday gift for Wife versus Girlfriend

In this post some of the best birthday gift ideas for wife available with an average budget that will for sure be appreciated by the special women in your life. A longer relationship is an advantage in this situation, as you got to know the person better, and you can choose a better suited gift, but the list is gonna apply to both categories.

You can’t go wrong with the classics

As the title says, the classics are always fail-proof. We’re talking about flowers, chocolate and dinners, of course. These can also be considered birthday gifts for your wife, especially if you don’t randomly give them during the year. We always recommend to give random gifts in sign of appreciation, they won’t go unnoticed. The classics are good, but a physical object that’s gonna be around for years is always a good idea. After years you’ll look around in your apartment and you’ll see the beautiful watch you purchased her for her 27th birthday. Every time she wears that watch she’ll know it’s from you, and everytime she’ll check the time, you’ll be in her mind.



birthday gift idea for wife

Jewelry is always a good idea. They are not that pricey as you might think. Silver necklaces can be found starting from $30 and they are really, really nice. Gold necklaces are a bit pricier but they are worth it. You have plenty of choices to choose from: necklaces, rings, earnings. The one posted above is Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Design Pendant and the price is quite accessible. Click here to check the prices on amazon for some of the best selling items


bracelet gift for wife

A classy bracelet can be worn with plenty of outfits. The one posted is an Sterling Silver Mesh Chain Bracelet and is a fine piece of jewelry any woman would wear.

To see the price click here or on the photo.



Clothes are trickier. You have to know their size. If this is a gift for your wife, it’s pretty easy to check the size of one of her dresses. You can pick a lot of nice dresses and other types of clothes for under $50. The picture above is an ACEVOG Vintage 1950’s Floral Spring Garden Party Picnic Dress Party Cocktail Dress and is a great pick for women between 18  to 30. To see the price click here or on the photo.


birthday gift for wife watch

I’ll leave watches in the Jewelry category, even though the picture I posted is for a Fitbit Surge Fitness Superwatch, an watch that’s a bit more useful than a regular watch. Still, you can pick classy looking watches ranging from $20 to a couple of hundreds depending on the brand you want to get. A watch is a great pick, because as I said earlier, every time your wife or girlfriend checks the time, she’ll know that it was a anniversary gift from you. For prices on watches you can click on the photo.

birthday gift ideas for wife - perfume

Some other great birthday gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend are perfumes. Women love smelling and looking nice, and a great perfume does that. I recommend you check her perfume collection before choosing, and get to know her taste. You can read in the description of each perfume what’s it’s composition and what hints it has.

This is it for now, I’ll come back with a follow-up for some other cool gifts you can buy for the woman you love. For some other birthday gift ideas for wife please subscribe to our feed to get updates!

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