Unique gifts for him – top 10 presents for your boyfriend

Unique gifts for him – top 10 presents for him
His special day is coming up? He’ll have to add one to his age? Or maybe this is just a thank you gift for a man in your life? We know that picking unique gifts for him is a hard task, because men don’t really express themselves. We’ve compiled a list with top 10 presents for him, which are one hundred percent gonna please him.

Getting the best birthday gift for your boyfriend is definitely an important task on your list, but if somehow you ran out of ideas we’re here to help. This is so much more important if this is his first anniversary since you are together, so pick smart!
As we said in a previous article, men are simple creatures. We enjoy all kinds of stuff. Be sure that a classy tie will be an ok gift, and he’ll apreciate it, but if you come up with an unique gifts for him, you’ll grow up exponentially in his eyes, and when your turn comes, he’ll try so much harder to impress you with his gift!

unique gifts for him
Wine from his year

1. A wine bottle from his birth year. This is not that hard to find, and it’s not really that expensive, unless he’s over 50 of course, but you might get lucky even then. This is an unique and special gift idea for him that he’ll for sure appreciate it. What it would be even better is making dinner and serving the wine bottle together! This will for sure improve your relationship and will take it to another level!

special gifts for him
A picture of both of you

2. A framed picture of both of you. This is a budget gift idea for your boyfriend, great for students, but it’s a good idea even so. This only works if you have an amazing picture. No, selfies don’t count. This has to be an artistic photo, like a photo in the park, or at the Eiffel Tower, no keg-party photos. Because this gift idea will cost you such a small amount of money( a good frame is less than $20 ) you should have money to take him a out to a nice restaurant.

thank you gifts for men
Car seat massager

3. Car Seat Massager and heater. What do men love? Besides you of course? They for sure love their cars, and a well thought gift that includes it will not go unnoticed. Like a friend of mine said.. once you go heated car seat, you never go back.. And it’s true. Add a massage function to that and you have a great gift for your boyfriend. You probably know that most luxury cars already have heated seats, because they are amazing during cold seasons.


presents for him
A knife

4. A knife. If he’s into knives, weapons, airsoft, hunting, buying this for him shows support and he’ll love you so much more for understanding that everyone has his hobbies. The knife in the photo is a Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS M&P Linerlock Knife and it’s a great, quality knife that he’ll carry around for the rest of his life, and hopefully never have to use it for anything else than cutting ropes and wood. We’ll provide a thorough guide on the best knives review as soon as we get our hands on some.


gifts for him ideas
A telescope

5. A telescope. If he’s into science, or geeky stuff, but even if he’s not… This is a good choice as a present for him. Our universe is amazing and limitless(‘ish?) and gazing upon the stars on a summer night is a great experience to share. You can also choose a star, and make it yours, name it, and track it during the year. When you’re apart you can search it and look at it together, even if you’re far apart. This is one of the most unique gifts for him you can pick. A review of the best top 3 telescopes it’s on it’s way already!


unique gifts for him
A mountain bike

6. A bike! There are plenty of bikes accessible as price goes. We’re talking mountain bikes and road bikes, no motorcycles. By buying this as an anniversay gift for your men, you show you care about his health. What would be even better is buying one for yourself, and going on rides together. Riding together on an abandoned mountain road can be an experience that will bring you closer. This is a great idea for a gift! The one in the picture is a Kent Thruster KZ2600 Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike


presents for him
Moto 360 Smartwatch

7. Moto 360 Smartwatch. This is a great gift for anyone between 14 and .. 99. Smartwatches have gotten so much better and cheaper in the last few years, and there’s no reason one should not carry one around his arm. They have a lot of cool features. They allow you to see your notifications right on your hand, they allow you to take photos, track your fitness progress and more. And that’s definetly not it’s strength. The best thing about the Moto 360 Smartwatch it’s the look. This smartwatch from Motorala is arguably one of the best looking smartwatches, and it’s completely customizable.


Coffee Maker gift
WiFi Enabled Coffemachine

7. Mr Coffee WiFi-Enabled 10-Cup Coffeemaker. This is the best gift for guys that love coffee. This Wi-Fi enabled Coffeemachine will let you make your coffee straight from your bed, or from another country. You have the power to adjust it’s settings from your phone, you can schedule tasks and it can announce you when your coffee is ready. Great pick for coffee addicted people(we are too!).


great gift for readers

8. Kindle Voyage. Is your SO passionate about reading and he doesn’t own an e-book reader already? Then this is a no-brainer. The quality the kindle provides in terms of build and lecture experience is better than classic books. You can carry hundreds of books, comics, newspapers on just a device. You can read one-handed, as it weighs around 120g. People all around the world reported reading 30% more since purchasing an ebook reader. If you budget is limited you can pick a cheaper alternative like the Kindle Basic or the Paperwhite.


gift idea for guys guitar
An Electric Guitar

9. An electric guitar. Every little boys thinks at some point about being a rockstar… With time passing they eventually choose another path, but that desire to rock is still embedded somewhere deep. You can resurface that by getting as a gift for your boyfriend an Electric Guitar. There is not a single guy around the world that wouldn’t apreciate it. Even if he will not concert for millions of people, he will for you, and that’s what matters. The guitar in the photo is an Gretsch G5420T.


gift for music lovers
A turntable

10. Turntable and vinyls. Is he into 70’s music? 80’s? Get him a turntable and a couple of vinyls of his favourite band and it’s gonna be an awesome unexpected gift. You can pick cheap vinyls for literally any band, any genre. There is just another feeling listening from one… Imagine listening to a vinyl of some jazz while eating dinner… That’s a great scenarion, isn’t it? The Turntable in the picture is a Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable.

This is it for now. We strive to provide ideas for unique gifts for him to help you choose the ideal birthday gift for your boyfriend or husband.

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