Top 8 League Of Legends Gift ideas

Unique gift ideas that are gonna be remembered are hard to find. If you know he or she is a LoL player, we’ll help you pick a league of legends gift that will for sure be appreciated.

If you don’t know what league is, let’s start with that. League of Legends, or the so called LoL is a Free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena – F2P Moba. Basically you control one of the five champions in one team and in the end you must destroy the the other team’s base. That’s really basic description. The free-to-play model made it what it is today, the most profitable gaming niche ever. In November 2012, there were 70 Million registered names, over 32 Million monthly active players and over 3 Million concurrent players. At that time it was over World of Warcraft, which had +12million active monthly and under Xbox Subscribers(40million), Call of Duty Moder Warfare trilogy sales(65 million) and Grand Theft Lifetime sales(85million). In March 2013, Riot Games announced that it reached over 5 Million global concurrent players. In January 2014, a new announcement has been made. LoL reached over 67 milllion concurrent players monthly and over 7.5million concurrent players peak. So, to summarize, League of Legends is a pretty big deal.

As I mentioned, LoL is a free-to-play game. However there are things you can purchase ingame. It is by no means a pay-to-win game like others. There are two ingame currencies. The influence points which you can use to buy champions and runes, renames, and you get them by playing games, and there are the Riot Points which can only be gained by purchase with real money. You can buy champion skins (just cosmetic changes), boosts ( to level up faster, and gain more IP) and that’s pretty much all of it.

So, let’s get started with great gift ideas suggestions for your boyfriend of your best friend!

Best League of Legends gift ideas for players

League of Legends Riot Points Gift
League of Legends Riot Points Gift

1.Riot Points
Like I mentioned in the intro, this is the ingame currency that you can only purchase with real money. They can use this to get skins and boosts. This is gift idea is simple, and will be appreciated. You can combine this idea others for a bigger impact! The price? Starting from $10 and going upwards. Click here for more details.

Eat Sleep League tshirt gift idea
Eat Sleep League T-Shirt

2. Eat Sleep League – T-Shirt
This is a funny gift for guys or girls that don’t do anything else besides the cycle eat-sleep and then play league of legends and repeat. Click here for more details.

League of Legends backpack gift
League of Legends Backpack

3. League of Legends themed backpack
Special gift for him or her! This backpack looks amazing. This can be used for school – carrying books, as a laptop bag, a travel/hiking backpack. Click here for more details.



Teemo Plush Slippers
Teemo Plush Slippers

4. Teemo Plush Slippers
Teemo is one of the most hated/loved champion in the game. This gift is an awesome idea for both the haters and the lovers. If you love that little hamster, it can keep your feet warm, and will for sure make you giggle. If not, you can just think you’re always stepping on him and causing him pain. Click here for more details.

League of Legends Hoodie Gift
League of Legends Hoodie Gift

5. Official League of legends hoodie
You can’t go wrong with hoodies. Add a League of Legends logo to the back and front and you’re set with a great gift for a friend of yours. This item is sold by the official League of Legends merchandise partner, J!NX. Click here for more details.



Poro plush doll
Poro plush doll

6. 14″ Poro Plush Doll
Poros are the mysterious, magical and most loved inhabitans of the snowy map in League of Legends and the special gift for him that you’re looking for. These furry little creatures are adorable and will keep you company whenever you need it. Click here for more details.



League of Legends Lit Keychain
League of Legends Lit Keychain

7. League of Legends Keychain
These look amazing. They are lit from above and contain a champion from the league. They are pretty cheap and definetly worth the money. They are lit with a LED and the battery will keep it up for a long time. Click here for more details.



Corki Hat League of Legends
Corki Hat League of Legends

8. Corki Hat
Corki is a small cute old man that pilots a plane. This hat looks amazing and will for sure grab the attention of everyone. This is an unique gift idea for him, or for her. Click here for more details.


We know our list is not complete, and we are waiting for your suggestions in the comments section. So, if you have a great gift idea for a league of legends player, please post it below!

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